frequently Asked questions

What is lifestyle photography?

It's about capturing the relationships, emotions, values and personalities as we see it. It's about capturing every day things, a slice of life and events as it occur, un-staged and in natural settings. It reflects reality, raw + real moments. It's about life, your life.

How long does the entire process take?

From start to finish, the process for a custom lifestyle portrait session could actually take a few months, taking into considerations your schedule and my workload. 

  • 6 weeks to several months -- booking, pre-session consultation, planning + getting ready for the session

  • 1 to 2 hours on session day -- the photoshoot itself (newborn session usually takes 2 to 4 hours)

  • 6 to 8 weeks after date of session -- you'll receive the link to your password-protected online gallery!

  • 1 to 2 weeks after that -- finalizing + organizing your prints order

  • 1 to 3 weeks after that - you'll receive your prints!

How much does it cost?

Photography collections start at RM800, depending on the type of photography coverage. On average, most clients spend around RM1,500 - RM2,500 for a session + art products. More info available here.

what if i only want a few small prints?

Everyone's needs are different - some spend a little more and some spend less. Should you only want a few images and small prints, we recommend you invest in our mini session - it's suitable for clients who are on a strict budget. 

Where will the photo session be held?  

Photo sessions are done on-location and at a relaxing atmosphere - in the comfort of your home (should good natural lighting are available) or natural environments such as the park, by the lake, somewhere meaningful to you and your family members or some random place you like, even your backyard! It could also be a glimpse of your routine with your family members on Sundays - playtime at the playground or pool perhaps. We could discuss further to determine the best location during pre-session consultation in-person or by phone. Newborn sessions are always held within the comfort of your home. 

When should I get my maternity portraits done?

The best time to schedule your pregnancy session is when you are around 28 - 32 weeks pregnant. The idea is to have it done when your energy level is still pretty high and the downward ventures of swollen feet + bloating of body have yet to begin!

When should I schedule my newborn session?

Newborn booking is ideal when done in advance, minimum 6 weeks from estimated due date or earlier. Michelle does have a demanding schedule and allocate limited slots for newborn sessions each month. Planning in advance will avoid disappointments. Your 'estimated due date' (EDD) will be included in our calendar - contact us within a day of the birth and we'll set the date for the session.

Every baby is different but the rule of thumb is the earlier, the better! The best time for newborn session is between 6 - 12 days after birth. Baby sleeps more and curls easier into cute adorable poses, as long as baby is warm and tummy is full. Chances of baby developing growth spurts and/or colic is higher 14 days onwards and certain poses may not be possible as they get older. As a newborn progresses in development, the bones harden and they tend to ‘uncurl’ and stretch out more.

Newborn babies under 2 weeks generally are best first thing in the morning as they tend to sleep more soundly after being up all night. As they grow older, they are more awake in the morning.

What to prepare? What to wear?

A complete preparation guide will be sent to you after you have booked your session.

so what happens at the pre-session consultation?

This is when we get to know each other better and talk about what we can do to create a fun + relaxing session for you and your family members. We want to know EVERYTHING about you, your children, your family, your style, your house, your pet, etc so we can plan and customise something that represents your current stage in life. This is also a good chance for your little ones to get use to Aunty Michelle so she's not too much of a stranger on the day of session.

How many images will I receive after the session?

We typically deliver 20 - 30 images for newborn portrait / mini sessions and anywhere from 30 - 50 images for lifestyle portrait sessions; sometimes a bit more especially when kids are extra smiley and/or very cooperative! 

Do you offer un-edited images / RAW files?

We provide full-service photography solutions and spend an unlimited amount of time and effort on your session - from planning, capturing your moments, culling the hundreds of images, editing only the best shots and presenting the finished images on professional prints and digital files for you and your family members to cherish for generations. We don't believe in offering 'uncooked chicken' - let us clean, marinade and roast your juicy chicken to perfection for you!